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The Gaza  crisis has resulted in a multitude of challenges born out of extreme poverty for hundreds of thousands of orphans in need, children in poverty, people with disabilities struggling to survive in the face of hunger, starvation and the lack of clean water. Heart breaking cases of serveer malnutrition due to food poverty and child poverty alike, as
well as the rampant spread of deadly diseases, illnesses and infections caused by a lack of international donars giving blood, a shortage in medical aid for Palestine, water pollution, a serious shortage in water charity, the lack of water and sanitation, wide-spread hunger and other similar factors, are unfortunately commonplace in Gaza today a
reality that is of course of great concern to a specialist medical charity like Medical Relief International (MRI.)
With clean drinking water a distant dream for many poor children and with the food crisis in Gaza further increasing, vulnerable Gazan women, people with disabilities and the elderly are crying out to children charities, charities for children with disabilities for us to help their beautiful children in need by putting essential measures like water purification at the top of the international aid priority list for the people of Gaza.

Donate to Palestine, donate to Gaza because it is charity water you provide, life-saving meals you donate to solve hunger and medical aid for Palestine you give with a generous heart that can save lives in Palestine right now!

Gaza Aid And Gaza Support.

The crisis in Gaza caused by decades of political instability has rendered the Gaza Strip’s poorest who now make up the vast majority, helpless, suffering from starvation and desperate for urgent humanitarian assistance which can only be achieved through poverty elevation and poverty eradication. In Gaza, Gaza news reports of this place being the largest open prison on earth according to humanitarian agencies are undisputed.

We must all come together and help the people of Gaza through giving essential Palestine charity donations as the cries of Mothers pleading: “feed my starving children,”can be heard far and wide in Gaza itself and in neighbouring refugee
camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria where millions of Palestinians have fled to with the absence of Gaza support due to them being made refugees in their own home. We must help Palestine especially it’s starving children who are the
chief victims of the war in Gaza because no child should have to cope with extreme hunger, waiting many pain-staking weeks for someone to give blood, no medical aid to heel her wounds, no medical equipment to perform the operation
she urgently needs to save her life.

This Gaza charity that we give is not just desired but essential as humanitarian aid costs in the aftermath of wide-scale bombing, shelling and blood shed along with a desperate need for people to donate to Gaza in order to cover people’s basic standard of living are resulting in additional stresses on Gaza’s now very fragile donar based economy.

Medical Aid For Palestine, Medical Equipment For Victims Of The War In Gaza

Current Medical Relief International (MRI) projects in Gaza:

400,000 Palestinian children in poverty are in desperate need of specialist trauma relief counselling, psychological theropy and support according to the UN as they are forced to live a life in poverty with no home, no social status and absolutely noe hope for the future. Donate to Gaza in order to give our daughters and sons a brighter future to look forward to through our Cure Our World Gaza Campaign. Cure Our World Gaza by Medical Relief International (MRI) identifies children in need, vulnerable Palestinian refugees in need of medical aid, people with disabilities in Gaza including blind children, blind people, those who are def and suffering from serious illnesses such as Asl.

Medical Relief International’s Cure Our World program then provides them with specialist medicine, modern medical equipment and specific medical treatments in order to cure them of their suffering. This was recently seen in Medical Relief International’s full re-build of the Maternity and Neo-Natal Ward at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital facility. This newly built ward will provide for the anti-natal, pre-natal and post-natal needs of over 1200 women in Gaza every month, saving the lives of hundreds of women and children in need everyday whilst giving the people of Gaza the dignity, high quality medical care, safety and security they deserve during and after child birth.
Providing emergency medical relief and specifically medical aid for Palestine is one of the best ways to help a community inflicted by war and bound to a life of poverty by unfortunate circumstance. Starving children, wide-scale starvation, causing hunger in one of the biggest food crisis of this century.

Donate to Gaza and help us Pound Poverty together through providing life-saving meals to those inflicted by the Gaza crisis. In Gaza, as a direct result of the Gaza war, Gaza’s entire 1.8 million population is food insecure, meaning they do not know where their next meal will come from. In our attempt to end poverty in Gaza and across the globe, we must
take note of the fact that 2 billion tonnes of food produced are said to be wasted every year, 89 million tonnes in the European Union alone, much of it from our own homes.

Food is a basic right of every human being and there is no doubt we can help Palestine by feeding it’s starving children through reducing our own personal food wastage. Palestinian children in poverty, mothers dying of starvation and Fathers having to cope with the Palestinian food crisis getting worse are forced to boil rubbish on the streets in order to stay alive. We can not let such a horrifically heart breaking reality continue for the people of Gaza, our brothers and sisters in humanity. Please support Pound Poverty Gaza by Medical Relief International by giving through our donation website, becoming a volunteer, sharing your innervative fund raising ideas with us that you’ve thought of whilst volunteering, and, in doing so, help Palestine as we deliver hope to those who feel all hope of survival is lost.

Pound Poverty

Pound Poverty

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